Vacuum Troubleshooting

Vacuum has little or no suction – Canister or Upright

The first consideration is whether there is poor suction though hose on bare floors or when you hold your hand over the end of the wand. If so there is an air movement issue. If there is poor performance on carpeting it may be an agitation issue. The following steps should be followed to resolve the issue;

  • Check the hose for obstructions by sending a small heavy object through hose.
  • Check the bag if vacuum uses bags to collect dirt. Bags should be changed when 75% full. Suction power is greatly reduced if bag is close to full.
  • Check the filter as a clogged filter will reduce suction. Filters should be changed at least once per year and more often if there is significant dust being vacuumed.
  • If agitation is an issue with rug beater, check the belt which should be changed annually for best performance. Agitator brushes should be cleaned regularly and replaced every 5 years for best performance
  • If issues continue call our repair desk and speak to a professional.

Vacuum has little or no suction – Central Vacuum

As with canister vacuums it needs to be determined if suction is poor on bare floors or when covering the end of the vacuum with your hand or if there is an issue with agitation. If there is poor suction then the following steps can be followed to narrow down the issue:

  • Check the hose for obstruction by unplugging and sending something small and heavy such as a marble or coin through hose end to end.
  • Check hose for tears where air would leak out.
  • Check various outlets to see if only one is obstructed.
  • Check Vacuum unit to ensure bucket is properly installed and clamps closed
  • If there are 2 motors ensure both are running
  • Check dust bag if unit uses a dust bag. It should be replaced when 75% full at most.
  • Check filter if equipped. Remove and wash if suggested by manufacturer
  • If there is an issue with central vacuum piping you can call our repair facility for the steps needed to resolve
  • If suction is fine but isn’t working on carpet then agitation is probably the issue. The power head may need a new belt. Belts should be replaced at least annually. Agitator brushes or brush roll brushes should be replaced every 5 years. Our repair staff can assist with all these repairs and maintenance.

Central Vacuum Unit will not start

If unit will not start when switched on the following checklist can be followed to determine the issue:

  • Check the circuit breaker on your electrical panel and reset if needed
  • Check the central vacuum unit circuit breaker
  • Check the 24v circuit by connecting the ports of the wall mounted air inlet valve with a piece of metal such as a screwdriver or coin. If the unit starts the suction hose may be defective
  • If issues continue a call to our repair shop is needed.

Water has been sucked up in canister vacuum

A vacuum can be damaged if water is picked up. If this occurs, remove bag and filter if vacuum has them and discard. Dry out any water that can be seen. Take vacuum to a dry location outside the house and let run for 30 minutes in order to heat up and dry any remaining water so that rust will not develop. If time has passed since water was drawn into vacuum call our repair shop for assistance.

Water has been sucked up in central vacuum

Inspect unit to remove any water that has gotten to bucket, replace bag if damp and check filter for dampness. Allow hose to dry prior to using.

There is a break in the central vacuum pipe

If a break is found in pipe that is exposed, it can be fixed by cutting out the broken section and replacing it with a new section using 2 connectors. You may want our repair department to assist.